Buffalo Cauliflower

craving this right now. damn juice fast!


Have any of my fellow vegans seen the new herbal essences ad?

Am I the only one irritated by it, or?


It is absolutely horrible on so many levels.


Are there any NYC vegans?
I am like desperate for cool friends here

There are like, a lot of NYC Vegans. Do any of them follow me and want a new friend? You should come out to the Vegan Shop Up Sept 13th at the Pine Box Rock Shop and make some new friends (or at the very least, eat some cool food)


Accurate representation of how I am towards cow’s/goat’s milk


Accurate representation of how I am towards cow’s/goat’s milk


A vegan girl just told me she doesn’t believe in the use of insulin PERIOD because of something to do with the pork industry.

I literally had this conversation recently with a friend who had a completely different vegan girl say the same thing to him. So I just said “I’m sure a diabetic would disagree with you.”

She says, “They don’t really NEED those insulin shots. Doctors just want to push medication. A vegan diet would help just the same.”

I said “I don’t think you understand how diabetes works.”

She says, offered, “Don’t talk to me like I’m stupid.” And goes on an ill informed, propaganda ridden, PETA style rant about why veganism is the second coming.

I just try to not kill myself.

Well that’s just silly, seems like you are both misinformed. There has been synthetic insulin on the market for about 30 years now. No need to harm animals to get it. And as far as I know, the vast majority of insulin used today does come from synthetic sources (basically human insulin multiplied in vats of bacteria). 

As far as diabetes goes, a vegan diet has been shown to reverse type 2 diabetes (no luck on type 1, unfortunately). In fact, I have personally met three people who have reversed their type 2 diabetes by going vegan. One of them was 23 years old, had diabetes for 3 years and was told she would be taking insulin for the rest of her life. After three months of going vegan (not even doing raw foods or anything particularly restrictive) she had completely reversed her diabetes and all of her food allergies went away. Here is a neat video on the subject, should you care to learn more.

All hypothetical situations


So annoyed that the “vegan” option at the closest dining hall was Szechuan Tofu. Szechuan has oysters in it.

Did this specific sauce have oysters in it or are you saying that all szechuan sauce has oysters? Because I’ve never encountered a szechuan sauce with oyster sauce in it (both store bought and asking at restaurants). I have found some with honey in them though.